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    Michelle H
    Michelle H

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    Post  Michelle H on Tue Jan 17, 2012 8:20 am

    A lot of Reps play games to break the ice. They are not compulsory but I know people are always looking for new things to try.

    Please feel free to add any games you play.

    Just remember, if you do give prizes you cannot use the sample bags as prizes as they don't have ingredient listings. I tend to give stash jars, lollypops or any product I have that is coming close to use by date. You are allowed to use clearance items as prizes as long as they are within use by dates. Smile

    Suck him dry (name can be changed to less rude)

    Using baby baby, brown babies or eskimo's. Give one out to all guests, tell them not to put it in their mouth until you give the signal. The aim of the game is to remove all the chocolate from the lolly without damaging the lolly. First person to do it sucessfully wins the prize.

    This one is very cadbury but still fun... finish the slogans.

    1. A what a day helps you work, rest and play?

    2. This one Really Satisfies?

    3. It changes the colour of your day?

    4. You can have it without ruining your appetite?

    5. Have a Break, have a ... ?

    6. A Glass and a half of milk in every block of which chocolate?

    7. It's deliciously Ugly!

    8. Which Bar makes you fall in love with the Big Cherry taste?

    9. It melts in your mouth and not in your hands?

    10. It's created like no other chocolate?

    11. BONUS *sing it* They call me caramello...

    Name the Chocolate..

    Green & jumps...
    Freddo Frogs


    What you do with cream...

    Something to keep you cool & long stories...

    What a sporting coach can ask for during the game...

    Fun thing to do outdoors...

    Prepared activity plus feline...
    Kit Kat

    The Midas touch plus not smooth...
    Golden Rough

    Middle east pleasure...
    Turkish delight

    Old fashioned flower plus topping for apples...
    Violet crumble

    Rhymes with polo but easier to swallow...

    Milky Way

    Herb plus a girls name...
    Mint patty

    Fruit plus ready to pick...
    Cherry ripe

    Milkshake flavour plus a torment...

    Meat plus a herb...
    Dinner mint

    Favourite food plus a squeal plus a girls name...
    Chocolate éclair

    Little laughs...

    In between...

    Okay everybody...
    Take 5


    I will add more as I find them. (and the answers if you don't know them)

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    Post  Guest on Tue Apr 03, 2012 12:55 am

    i just want to check these games are ok to use.

    one is like pin the tail on the donkey except you use a picture of Johnny Depp (ya k now willy wonka and chocolate) and give them a pic of a piece of candy\chocolate and the person who gets it closes to his mouth wins.

    also there is one i picked up at a baby shower but changed a bit. you blindfold 4 people, get them to sit on their knees bout arms length apart ( facing each other as pairs) or you can go further for laughs. then blindfold them, give one from each pair a baby spoon to put in their mouth (obvisouly disposable you dont keep it) and place a piece of chocolate on the spoon and they have to get the chocolate into their partners mouth and the first wins. rather funny watching them try to move and get the chocolate when they cant see and end up laugh hystericallly. probably best game for younger people or when you have only a few who want to play.
    Michelle H
    Michelle H

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    Post  Michelle H on Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:29 am

    As long as it is CA choc you are using I can't see a problem.

    Although I am so anti games that if you played either of those at my party or a party I attended I would be reluctant to book a party! lol


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    Post  Guest on Tue Apr 03, 2012 2:41 am

    Of course it would be a CA Chocolate, why pollute their mouth with a inferior chocolate lol.

    And yeah I always ask hosts and tell people games are optional. They are more games for your more vibrant customers.

    You can also do a word game where you give people a min to write down as many words as they can with the letters from Chocoholics Anonymous. More a game for the older or quieter audience.

    I've also got some pinging balls for those who really don't like games. 12 white one orange, everyone gets to reach in and grab a ball out till someone grabs the orange one. And I'm also putting colour stars so if they grab two with the matching stars they win a prize as another game with them.

    There is also the balloon pass (also a game for more excitable audience) where you blow up a balloon and everyone (who wants to play) stands in a circle and you have to pass the balloon between your knees when you drop it you're out. Last one in wins.

    Also chocolate bingo. Do up bingo sheets with the chocolate names on them have them written on pieces of paper and pull them out one by one till someone has bingo.

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