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    Where to find party bookings ???



    Where to find party bookings ???

    Post  Guest on Sun Mar 11, 2012 10:52 am

    My family and friends have had parties now and I need to find some new hosts.
    Where does everyone find party bookings, other than their parties?
    Do flyers and posters work or do you have something else you do?

    Any help will be appreciated as I have a lot of empty pages in my diary!


    Michelle H

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    Re: Where to find party bookings ???

    Post  Michelle H on Sun Mar 11, 2012 1:23 pm

    letter box drops - using the flyers we can buy from H/O.
    mentioning it to everyone and anyone you know
    advertise in local kinders, footy clubs, mothers groups etc...

    Also, I have done a few at retirement villages, not retirement homes but lifestyle villa type ones. I do one every year for one near my place. I am doing two this month at villages I haven't done. I have done the local 4WD club and next weekend am doing the local marching girls. Smile

    They are all parties, not markets and their host rewards will be put toward raffles to raise money.

    I always keep business cards in my purse, and 2 catalogues in my hand bag. You would be surprised how easy it is to bring your job in to any conversation. Smile Hell, I was at the dermatoligist and he asked what I do for work and next thing you know I was giving the receptionist a catalogue and being assured they would be placing orders. Smile

    Also, at parties, let them know they can order directly without hosting a party, they might organise to buy thing then decide to have a party at a later date.
    At parties, suggest office lunch parties or catalogue parties.

    When you get them to fill out their order forms at parties, make sure you get their email address and let them know you only email them once a month (for example, so they know they wont get spammed). I tell them it is for the monthly newsletter and any other info like monthly host offers etc.. I also make it clear I don't pass their email address on to anyone, including head office and I tell them I don't email them trying to convince them to have a party.

    The company sells posters with tear off tags - get some of those and see if you can get them up on community notice boards, maternal health centres, etc.. anywhere you can.

    I also have a car magnet which I know did get me one sale but may have gotten more just not told about it.

    Join party plan, small business or buy/swap/sell pages on facebook. Just check the b/s/s allows business advertising.
    I have gotten at least 3 parties in the last month from b/s/s pages. One lady had a party and has booked a second one later this month. Smile

    Some people find fundraiser markets at kinders etc good advertising. They usually aren't great sales and often end up out of pocket but you could get a booking or two. I only do them for friends that ask now, and I don't go expecting to make money.

    Hope that helps, others may have more ideas. Smile


    Re: Where to find party bookings ???

    Post  Guest on Wed Mar 14, 2012 11:50 am


    I wont be hunting up more parties till end of april as I am about to pop, but when im ready i want to get as many as i can!


    Re: Where to find party bookings ???

    Post  Guest on Wed Mar 14, 2012 2:45 pm

    I also wear my Chocoholics t-shirt everywhere, just act like I have just come from a party and have accidentally left my name tag on, good conversation starter, lol. My main point of advertising is facebook though, my page and BSS sites.
    I went into the bank the other day (my card doesn't work) to check my balance and I asked them to look up my balance and she told me such and such an amount was taken out by Chocoholics Anonymous and then she asked me what that was as she loves chocolate. They are having a catalogue party their now Smile Just keep talking to people.

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    Re: Where to find party bookings ???

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